Welcome to the Broun, Brown, Browne, De Broun, Le Broun, Le Brun, De Brun, and Braun website. It’s taken some time to put it all together, however, it is an ever evolving piece of work which will go on and on. I would like to take this opportunity of cyber thanking all who have worked so tirelessly in preparing it thus far.

We intend to have a modern approach but one without jeopardizing the way we conduct our traditional functions, such as building a sense of kinship between members that are located all over the World. We need, and hope, to have the involvement of many who are willing to contribute to our vast and impressive history. We also aim to provide you with news and relevant information on Clan activities. In doing so, we will be relying on you to provide us with relevant details to record and telegraph.

Our family history in Scotland dates back to the 11th Century, when Walterus Le Brun, a French Knight was known to be in the region in around 1116. From Le Brun came Broun and from Broun came the anglicized version, Brown. DNA results bring us back together, as I hope this website will also achieve for all other variances in our name’s spelling.

The Clan seat is Colstoun which is situated approximately 26 miles east of Edinburgh and dates back to the 12th Century. The house and surrounding lands of Colstoun are known to have been held by the family since the time of Sir David le Brun in 1125. It’s still there and occupied by Ludovic Broun Lindsay, the Laird. In mid 2009, it was there we celebrated the Scottish Homecoming with a gathering of Broun Clan members.

I look forward to many more gatherings in all parts of the world, as our clan is vastly spread and of course, together, very large. I embrace you all. Let’s hope this is the beginning of something significant for our family, because that’s what a Clan is.

Floreat Majestas!

Sir Wayne H. Broun Bt.

XIVth Baronet of Colstoun

XXXth Chief of the Name and Arms of Broun/Brown

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